Buh-bye 2014, Hello 2015!



If there was a defining point in 2014 where it seemed things were not quite going to plan it was probably a rainy weekend in Autumn. I was mourning the remains of my favourite silk shirt, ripped beyond repair by reaching over too enthusiastically at a breakfast buffet whilst simultaneously giving the evil stare to the ‘old faithful’ black skinny jeans that no longer fit. This particularly stellar afternoon came only a couple of days after being unceremoniously dumped in Green Park. So, not great. But that was one bad weekend. And whilst the jeans still require a pulley system of Roman ingenuity to get them on and the romantic situation remains relatively unchanged there were some absolutely amazing highlights that I definitely wouldn’t change. Apart from the jeans thing, probably.

There was Paris and its offering of fine baked goods in the winter sun, St. Ives doing its best impression of Barbados and an unforgettable meal in the plushy pink paradise that is Sketch. It saw my addiction to barbecued meat, candles and trainers explode tenfold and an already-strained book storage situation reach crisis point. In the wider world, the visionary that is Emily Weiss came and blew us all away with the launch of Glossier and one of the best, if not the best, essays on the internet this year. Us by David Nicholls made me cry tears of joy and ‘Horst: Photographer of Style’ at the V&A made for the best trip to a museum.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about 2014 was the wonderful women that I had the pleasure of speaking with and learning from; most notably Penny Martin at a Gentlewoman event Ella Woodward at one of her Deliciously Ella events. And of course, the dozens of WhatsApp messages and emails to Holly, Christina and Marzena.

It also introduced me to more of you, so THANK YOU for reading this thing and to all the endlessly fascinating individuals I have come to know over the last twelve months. You are the incredible women that inspire me every day to keep pushing forward.

With that positive thought in mind, perhaps we should all enter 2015 chanting the words of HRH Beyoncé from 7/11:

‘Smack that, clap, clap, clap like you don’t care’.

Happy New Year! xx


A Yoga Brunch with Deliciously Ella.




Let it be said, I am generally not the sort of girl to get excited about volunteering herself for exercise. Five years of compulsory school sports days saw me assigned that-most attractive of events: shot put. An ordeal so ridiculous (and painful) it scared me off all sports for life. A civilised morning of yoga with a healthy brunch thrown in though? That’s an idea I can get on board with. The morning was hosted by Ella Woodward, babest of babes and the founder of healthy-eating super blog Deliciously Ella.

So, buoyed with an enthusiasm for yoga I have experienced frankly never, I strolled into the idyllic South Kensington mews where Evolve Yoga is situated, got into my yoga gear (last appearance: 2011) and supped on two cups of Pukka ‘Revitalise’ tea and a home-made energy ball before 75 minutes on the mat. Selda, our instructor, was really amazing  and even though I was the only one of twenty to crash to the ground during their downward dog I still ended up feeling as zen as Angela Lansbury in ‘Positive Moves’. Result! The brunch afterwards was where things got super delicious with 26grains providing the almond milk porridge with pomegranate and coconut yoghurt, apple with cacao-dusted nuts and seeds and roasted root vegetables and Mission bringing along a host of juices.

So, is a yoga-practicising me on the cards? If the subsequent two attempts at Yoga with Adriene on YouTube are anything to go by, then it looks likely. As for Ella, her book is out in January and I already have a few more of her recipes in the pipeline for this week. Who knows, maybe it’s tim to dust off that shot put…