Reading List

Madeleine Vionnet Dress
Image: Musee des Arts Decoratifs


Fashion theory; 1920’s and beyond.

Baillén, C., Chanel Solitaire, trans. B.Bray, (Collins, London, 1973)

Beaton, C., The Glass of Fashion, (Weidenfeld and Nicolson,1954)

Davis, F., Fashion, Culture and Identity, (University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1992)

Delay, C., Chanel Solitaire’ trans. B. Bray (1973)

De la Haye, A, Tobin, S; Chanel, The Couturiere at Work, (V&A, 1994)

De Marly, D, The History of Haute Couture’, (Batsford Ltd, 1980)

Edmonde-Roux, C; Chanel, Her Life, Her World, The Woman Behind the Legend, trans. N. Amphoux (Maclehose Press, Quercus, London, 2009)

Entwhistle, J; The Fashioned Body: Fashion, Dress and Modern Social Theory, (Polity Press, 2000)

Evans, C, Thornton, M; Women and Fashion, A New Look, (Quartet, London,1989)

Haedrich, M; Coco Chanel: her life, her secrets, trans. Charles Lam Markmann, (London, Hale, 1972)

Howell, G; In Vogue: Seventy Five Years of Style, (Conde Nast Books, Random House, 1976)

Koda, H; Chanel (Yale University Press, 1995)

Laennec;  ‘Bodily Discursions’ (1997)

Lipovestsky, G; The Empire of Fashion, Dressing Modern Democracy, trans. C. Porter (Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J., 1994)

Lynn-Stewart, M; Dressing Modern Frenchwomen, (2008)

Madsen, A; Coco Chanel, A Biography,  (Bloomsbury, 1990)

Margueritte, V; La Garçonne, trans, H. Burnaby, (1923)

Milbank, C.R.; Couture: The Great Fashion Designers, (Thames and Hudson, 1985)

Morand, P; The Allure of Chanel, trans, E. Cameron, (Pushkin Press, London, 2008)

Potter, C.L.; Sportswear in Vogue Since 1910, (Condé Nast, 1984)

Roberts, M.L.; Civilization without Sexes: Reconstructing Gender in Post-war France, 1917-1927, (Chicago, 1994)

Søland, B; Becoming Modern, Young Women and the Reconstruction of Womanhood in the 1920s, (Princeton, N.J; Oxford, Princeton University Press, 2000)

Smith, B; Changing Lives: Women in European History since 1700, (Lexington, Mass., and Toronto, 1989)

Steele, V; Fashion and Eroticism: Ideals of Feminine Beauty from the Victorian Era to the Jazz Age, (New York and Oxford, 1985) p.239

Steele, V; Paris Fashion: A Cultural History, (New York; Oxford; Oxford University Press,1988)

Wilson, E; Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity, (London, Virago, 1985)


Autobiographies and Biographies

Ballard, B.; In My Fashion, (Secker and Warburg, London, 1960)

Rowlands, P.; A Dash of Daring: Carmel Snow and her Life in Fashion, Art and Letters, (Simon & Schuster Ltd; 1st Atria Books Hardcover Ed edition (6 Mar 2006)



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