We moderns.

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It seems absolutely ludicrous that I haven’t posted on House of Eliott before. I mean, it was an entire BBC series set in 1920s London that focused on a burgeoning fictional couture house. In the history of broadcasting has there been a better concept for any programme, EVER? It’s got everything you could hope for: love triangles, men in braces, casual references to Gazette du Bon Ton and, in the second series, a sojourn to Paris. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. The great news is that all three series are available to watch on YouTube so you can binge until you can binge no more. I strongly recommend you do as I did and take a week to watch the lot in one, glorious sitting. At the end of it you will almost certainly finish every phone call and text conversation with ‘good day’.

Some things I learnt by re-watching a few episodes this weekend: firstly, that my life is utterly substandard for not owning a selection of antique silk kimonos to merrily laze around the house in and secondly, that 1920s daywear was absolutely unbeatable. The images above are just a tiny selection of the incredible ensembles worn by the two Eliott sisters, Bea and Evie, on their journey towards becoming famed couturiers. My favourite outfits are generally those worn by Evie; the younger, slightly sportier sister with a killer taste in knitwear and a penchant for waistcoats and ties. It is the daywear of dreams.


[Images via the incredible House of Eliott tumblr]





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